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Sanders Sound Systems Preamplifier 

Sanders Sound Systems Preamplifier

C$5,999.00 Regular Price
C$3,999.00Sale Price

    Technical Specfications:



    • Five unbalanced inputs at line level using RCA connectors. 
    • One balanced input using XLR connectors.  
    • One unbalanced, RCA phono input with switchable gain, adjustable input loading, and RIAA equalization.  
    • One unbalanced video processor input with fixed level at unity gain for "pass-through" use.  



    • Two pair of adjustable, unbalanced, outputs at line level using RCA connectors  
    • One pair of adjustable, balanced, outputs using XLR connectors (Pin 2 "hot") 
    • One unbalanced, fixed level output at unity gain for recording using RCA connectors
    • All outputs may be used simultaneously


    Frequency Response  

    -3 dB at 5 Hz and 200 kHz 



    Greater than 90 dB below 1 volt reference  



    Less than 0.002% from 10 Hz to 40 KHz @ 5 volts peak into 600 ohms or higher, shunted by 1,000 pF or less  


    Output Impedance   

    50 ohms, non-reactive, balanced or single-ended  


    Phono Input Impedance    

    User adjustable between 47,000 and 100 ohms. Default setting is 47,000 ohms  


    Phono Input Capacitance  

    User adjustable between 50 pf and 1,200 pF.  Default setting is 50 pF.


    Input Impedance  

    47 kOhms, balanced or single-ended  



    User adjustable up to 18 dB.  Default setting is +8 dB


    Maximum Output  

    10 volts peak 



    Greater than 70 dB from 20 Hz to 20 KHz


    Power Supply  

    Independently regulated with shielded toroidal transformer and 20,000 uF of capacitance


    Power Consumption  

    10 watts  



    Voltage is user selectable for use world-wide  



    17"W x 2.5"H x 10.5"D  



    Net Weight: 8 Lbs.



    Specifications are subject to change without notice

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