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F200 High-Performance Folded Motion® XT Floorstanding Speaker


The Motion® XT F200 is the flagship of the Motion® range, featuring the most advanced technologies. The high-output, low-distortion Gen2 Obsidian FMT XT and Folded Motion® Waveguide, seamlessly integrated with a Nomex®-Reinforced Kevlar® midrange and triple 8" aluminum bass drivers, create a truly unparalleled listening experience. The effortless, dynamic bass and stunning clarity, coupled with precise, accurate detail, make this speaker the ultimate choice for discerning audiophiles and professionals alike.



Motion®: Reimagined

Our most ambitious acoustic and aesthetic development in MartinLogan's 40-year history. Motion® Series defines elegance and performance by leveraging exclusive technologies and decades of experience. The result is a loudspeaker collection that is not just an upgrade of its predecessor, but a whole new level of quality and excellence.



Legendary MartinLogan Sound

MartinLogan speakers are known for their exceptional articulation, detail and realism, regardless of the listening environment. By using advanced thin-film technologies and Controlled Dispersion, MartinLogan delivers a unique and unparalleled listening experience that is not commonly found in other speakers.



Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion® Tweeter XT

The Gen2 Obsidian FMT XT Tweeter has been upgraded with a larger motor to provide higher output and lower distortion. The FMT XT offers the most effortless and detailed sound in the Motion range with a 40% increase in surface area over our signature FMT. Outside of our legendary Electrostatic speakers, these new tweeters provide our cleanest, most detailed and accurate high frequency presentation to date.



Folded Motion® Waveguide

After an extensive evaluation of nearly 50 design options, the Folded Motion® Waveguide profile was meticulously chosen to harmoniously align the tweeters output with the dispersion of the midrange drivers, enhancing the performance of our already incredible Gen2 Folded Motion® Tweeters. The Folded Motion® Waveguide helps blanket the listening area with evenly distributed detail and precision, ensuring an optimal experience for everyone. The waveguide also enhances the Controlled Dispersion output of the tweeter, offering generous coverage while minimizing unwanted room reflections.



Controlled Dispersion

Any time your speaker reflects sound off of a surface in your room, it changes the sound in some way. One of the most harmful changes that occurs is the result of the first reflection point, or the first point at which sound begins to bounce off the walls or other surfaces in the room. Controlled Dispersion minimizes these sound degrading early reflections by controlling the spread of sound from the tweeter into the room, enhancing your listening experience with greater clarity, and expanded placement options in any room.



F.A.S.T. Outrigger Feet

The tower models in the Motion® range are designed with tool-less height adjustability in mind, using the included rubber feet or spikes, which enables the user to effortlessly level the speaker for optimal stability on any floor. Additionally, the built-in anti-vibration properties reduce the transfer of energy from the speaker to the floor, resulting in lower distortion and coloration, providing a more accurate and detailed sound.



Nomex®-Reinforced Kevlar® Midrange

The Nomex®-Reinforced Kevlar® Midrange in the Motion® XT Series offers a perfect balance of lightweight, strength, anti-resonance and anti-ringing properties for unparalleled sound quality. When combined with the Gen2 Obsidian FMT XT, the clarity of vocals, dialogue and instrumental accuracy is unmatched at any volume. The seamless integration with Motion® XT CI products makes creating custom solutions effortless.



Aluminum Bass Drivers

The exceptional characteristics of aluminum make it an ideal choice for bass drivers. When paired with oversized motor structures and a downward-firing port, the new Motion® speakers are extremely easy to place in any room while providing outstanding bass performance at any volume.



Secure-Lock Grilles

Stealth mounting tabs provide a secure hold for the grilles, allowing you to customize the appearance of each speaker with maximum aesthetic control. Create a unique look by leaving the grilles on, off, or even rotating them to change the grain of the fabric for a truly personalized audio experience.



Modern Design Featuring Luxurious Finishes

The latest Motion® speakers utilize cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials to deliver sound quality that is truly unmatched. Their sleek, sophisticated design is an artful complement to any interior. Available in three finishes of Walnut, Satin White or Gloss Black, these speakers are an exquisite addition to any discerning individual's home. Upgrade your audio experience and enhance your space with the Motion® series.

Martin Logan Motion XT F200 Floorstanding Speakers - Pair


    Frequency Response: 27 Hz - 25 kHz


    Folded Motion® Waveguide Enhanced Tweeter Dispersion (VxH): 

              45° x 90°


    Recommended Amplifier Power: 20 - 600 watts per channel 


    Sensitivity (2.83 volts / meter): 92 dB


    Impedance: 4 Ohms Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers  


    Crossover Frequency: 300 Hz, 2,600 Hz (3-way) 


    High Frequency Driver:  1.25" × 2.4" (3.2 × 6.1 cm) Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion XT® Tweeter with 12.4 in² (79.8 cm²) diaphragm


    Mid Frequency Driver:  6.5” (16.5 cm) Nomex Reinforced Kevlar® cone with cast aluminum basket. Non-resonant sealed chamber format. Unibody cone construction


    Low Frequency Drivers:  3x 8” (20.3 cm) aluminum cones with cast aluminum baskets. Non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format. Unibody cone construction


    Cabinet:  Bottom Ported 


    Binding Post Inputs: Custom bi-amp/bi-wire capable 5-way binding posts


    Dimension* : 50-3/4"H x 13-3/4"W x 16-1/2"D


    Weight : 86 Lbs. 


    Available finishes : Gloss Black, Walnut and Satin White



    * Floorstanding model dimensions include the feet. Depth for all models include the binding posts 




    Specifications are subject to change without notice 

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