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C1 High-Performance Folded Motion® Center Channel Speaker


Foundation C1 offers incredibly clear dialogue to round out the front stage of any Motion Foundation surround sound system all in a space conscious design.

For those building out a surround sound system, the center channel is one of the most important pieces. The majority of dialogue in a movie comes from this speaker, so it is critically important that dialogue be clear. As with all Motion Foundation models the Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion Tweeter S and Folded Motion Waveguide are used to great effect here to blanket your listening area in crystal clear dialogue. Foundation C1’s aluminum midbass drivers are also further enhanced by MartinLogan’s signature 2.5 way “Anti-Lobing” center channel design to provide the performance of larger 3 way designs in a much more furniture friendly package.





Legendary MartinLogan Sound

MartinLogan speakers are known for their exceptional articulation, detail and realism, regardless of the listening environment. By using advanced thin-film technologies and Controlled Dispersion, MartinLogan delivers a unique and unparalleled listening experience that is not commonly found in other speakers.



Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion Tweeter S

The Gen2 FMT S offers effortless performance, unmatched by conventional technologies. By folding thin film material, MartinLogan is able to pack more surface area into a small space.   Large surface area, light weight and low excursion means an incredibly fast and responsive tweeter capable of reproducing the most nuanced content with stunning detail and clarity.



Folded Motion Waveguide

Enhances the Controlled Dispersion of the Gen2 Folded Motion Tweeter S, blanketing the listening area with incredible detail and precision. Avoids performance robbing room reflections and provides a more consistent sound across a wider seating area.



McCracken-Vojtko Crossovers

The culmination of combining extensive anechoic, in-room measurements, and multiple blind listening tests with the low distortion philosophy of MartinLogan's signature Vojtko Crossover. Through this process each speaker was refined to achieve the best performance.



Controlled Dispersion

Room acoustics are vital, as everything in the listening room has an impact on speaker performance. MartinLogan minimizes these harmful effects by focusing the sound into the listening area, increasing flexibility, clarity, and placement options, regardless of the room's design.



Aluminum Mid-Bass Drivers

Using trickle down technology from MartinLogan's own Motion XT and Motion Series, the Motion Foundation Series uses Aluminum cone woofers to maximize clarity, detail, and output.



Anti-Lobing Design

Typical center channel designs result in lobing, which negatively alters the tonality of the source material. The 2.5-Way crossover design minimizes these harmful effects culminating in clearer dialogue and higher accuracy.



Secure-Lock Grilles

Stealth mounting tabs securely hold the grilles in place allowing the listener to customize the appearance of each speaker. Creating a unique look; leaving the grilles on, off, or even rotating them to change the grain of the fabric providing maximum aesthetic control.



Modern Design Featuring Timeless Finishes

Motion® Foundation® models are available in 3 timeless finishes to compliment any decor: Satin White with Silver trim, Walnut with Bronze trim, or Black with Gunmetal trim.

Martin Logan Motion Foundation C1 Center Channel Speaker

C$649.99 Regular Price
C$552.49Sale Price

    Frequency Response: 53 Hz - 23kHz ± 3 dB


    Folded Motion® Waveguide Enhanced TweeterDispersion (VxH): 

              90° (vertical) x 90° (horizontal) 


    Sensitivity (2.83 volts / meter): 91 dB


    Impedance: 4 Ohms Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers  


    Crossover Frequency: 2,900 Hz, 3,200 Hz (2.5-way) 


    High Frequency Driver:  1" (vertical) × 0.94" (horizontal) Gen2 Folded Motion ® Tweeter S.


    Mid Frequency Driver:  2x 5.5" aluminum cone with cast aluminum baskets. Non-resonant sealed chamber format. Unibody cone construction.


    Cabinet:  Rear Ported 


    Recommended Amplifier Power: 15 - 150 watts  


    Binding Post Inputs: 5-way Binding Posts (Non Bi-Wire)


    Dimension* : 7.57"H x 20"W x 10.02"D


    Weight : 18 Lbs. 


    Finishes : Black, Walnut and Satin White



    * Product dimensions include the feet, binding posts, and grilles.




    Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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