Klipsch KG2 two-way loudspeaker system 


The two-way KG Series KG 2 bookshelf loudspeaker is a compact system which rivals the sound of speakers twice its size. One secret behind its big sound is found in the use of a rear mounted sub-bass radiator that gives lower bass response and higher power output. 


The KG 2 has a smooth, well-extended frequency response and easily handles the powerful peaks of wide dynamic range found in modern recordings. 


The cabinet of the Klipsch KG 2 features authentic wood veneers, hand finished to a rich and beautiful luster. 


Yes, the Klipsch KG 2 may be small in size. But inside and out, it is brimming with the heart, heritage and musical integrity that is unique to Klipsch. 


This special tweeter combines the virtues of both the horn and dome designs. You get smooth response, wide dynamic range and low distortion. Dispersion characteristics are smooth and natural. From a multitude of placement positions - even with the speaker on its side-you will be presented with a beautiful and accurate stereo image.  


The Klipsch designed 8" woofer cone is made of a special polymer material. Designed especially for use in a two-way system, this woofer is extremely accurate up to 1800 Hz, allowing beautiful vocals and rich reproduction of lower midrange instruments while minimizing distortion. On the sub-bass side, this woofer is assisted by a rear-mounted sub-bass radiator which lowers frequency response to 35 Hz.


Hearty, dramatic bass response is achieved in the KG 2 through the use of a rear-mounted sub-bass radiator working in conjunction with the woofer. This sub-bass radiator delivers the lower octave of music and allows exceptionally good low frequency reproduction in a very small speaker system. 


The input panel of the Klipsch KG 2 is built in conjunction with the crossover network; further evidence of the detail that has kept this big sounding system in a compact size.  


Proper use of high density form in the cabinet interior eliminates unwanted standing waves and results in smoother frequency response and cleaner, "tighter" bass. 

Klipsch KG2 Loudspeaker - Pair


    • Bandwidth: 35 Hz - 20kHz ±3dB    
    • Sensitivity: 90.5 dB SPL one watt one meter   
    • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms  
    • Power Handling: 65 watts maximum continuous (325 watts peak)    
    • Enclosure Type: Vented box (via sub-bass radiator), two-way system    
    • Drive Components: K-72 tweeter, K-9-K woofer, KD-10 sub-bass radiator  
    • Weight: 28 lbs.   
    • Dimensions: 18-7/8"H x 13-1/4"W x 11-1/2"D  
    • Finish: Walnut


    Specifications are subject to change without notice