The Klipsch Chorus though bold in proportions, its classic design is an exercise in modest dignity. The elegant cabinetry is offered in a variety of beautiful wood veneers and matching grille panels to complement the decor of your home.  


Inside, the high frequency and midrange sections are fully horn-loaded giving you extremely high sensitivity and unparalleled fidelity. The bass section, with its massive 3" voice coil and magnet structure mated to a professional-duty cone, provides a "tightness" of response that previously was heard only in horn-loaded woofers. 


The result is beautiful appearance and beautiful performance. A system with awesome dynamic range, incredibly lifelike reproduction. A system that substantially outperforms any speaker in its price class and many speakers above. 


High frequencies are reproduced cleanly, clearly, and naturally, thanks to the tweeter horn/driver assembly designed by Klipsch engineers. Reproduction of dynamics found in compact discs and other high dynamic sources is effortless. Frequency and polar response have unblemished smoothness.


Midrange frequencies are the most prevalent in music and the most critical concern in loudspeaker design. For the CHORUS® midrange section, Klipsch engineers designed a special horn/driver assembly with very high power handling capability, wide dynamic range, and exceptionally smooth frequency response. The polar response of this midrange section assists the CHORUS in delivering a most accurate and articulate, three-dimensional stereo image.  


For powerful bass response, this woofer is driven by a 96 ounce (2.72 kg) magnet, approximately triple the weight of a typical woofer magnet. The 15" (38 cm) heavy-duty, concentrically-ribbed cone is mounted in a vented enclosure for higher efficiency and an extended response down to 36 Hz (-10 dB point)  


The cabinet exterior of the Klipsch Chorus provides immediate evidence of construction quality. This cabinet is meticulously crafted from your selection of genuine wood veneers. Each pair is matched for color and grain structure of the wood. One tiny flaw and the pair is destroyed. 


Klipsch engineers have long been noted for their crossover network refinements. This crossover network is built in conjunction with the input panel and is uniquely designed to eliminate electrical crosstalk of the network components. The input panel is placed low on the rear of the cabinet to eliminate unsightly, dangling speaker cables.


All components of the Chorus are mounted to the front of the cabinet face. This reduces the possibility of sound defraction and results in wider dispersion, improved polar response, and better stereo imaging.   


Form follows function with this beautiful wood riser base that's a built-in part of every Chorus. The riser base provides further elegance to the cabinet appearance while properly coupling the woofer section to the floor for optimum bass response.

Klipsch Chorus Floor Standing Speaker - Each

  • Price Per Speaker 


    • Bandwidth: 45 Hz - 20kHz ±3dB (-10 dB at 36 Hz)   
    • Sensitivity: 101 dB SPL, one watt one meter   
    • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms   
    • Power Handling: 100 watts continuous (1000 watts peak)    
    • Enclosure Type: Vented box, three-way system    
    • Drive Components: K-79-K tweeter, K-57-K midrange, K-48-E woofer     
    • Weight: 89 lbs.   
    • Dimensions: 39"H x 18-1/2"W x 15-1/2"D  


    Specifications are subject to change without notice