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The DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector is the world first (as of September 2021, according to a research by JVCKENWOOD) home theater model to feature 8K/60p/4K120p input. It is equipped with a new 8K/e-shiftX proprietary technology with 4-direction shift to reproduce 8K-quality image from 4K signals. 4K120p input also makes the projector ideal for gaming when combined with Low Latency mode. The projector is driven by three 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA devices, high-quality 17-element, 15-group all glass 65 mm lens and Ultra-High Contrast Optics that contribute to deliver optical brightness of 2,500 lumens. BLU-Escent laser diode light source also contributes to project the high-resolution 8K image with full depth and dimensionality with longevity of up to 20,000 hours. Compatible with the latest HDR10+, the projector boasts industry leading HDR performance. 8K, Laser, and HDR are the keywords that describe JVCs 2021 projector models.




2,500 Lumen BLU-Escent Laser

JVC’s new 3rd generation “BLU-Escent” Laser Phosphor light engine uses blue laser diodes, an inorganic yellow phosphor and JVC’s proprietary color management system. “BLU-Escent” enables 2,500 lumen light output and 20,000 hour long life illumination. This new design is more compact, with higher output, greater efficiency and quieter operation, making it the best solution for demanding home theater installations. Increased brightness ensures compatibility with larger screen sizes, and improved HDR performance. This brings greater depth, added dimensionality, and infinite dynamic contrast to home theater screens



8K In… Dual 48Gbps HDMI  w/ HDCP 2.3 Inputs

JVC is proud to introduce the world’s first home theater projectors with 8K/60P inputs. This latest connectivity standard offers dual 48Gbps HDMI inputs with HDCP 2.3. In addition, 4K/120P input is supported for the newest generation video content, including the latest gaming platforms.



8K Out… 8K e-shiftX Technology

JVC’s new 8K e-shiftX delivers pixel perfect 8K resolution with over 35 million individually addressable pixels. JVC achieves this with proprietary technology that uses a 240hz driver along with 4-way, multi-axis shift to flash the screen four times to create each full frame of 8K video for true 8K in, 8K out.



An All Glass Lens is combined with a High Contrast Optical Block

The DLA-NZ8 is equipped with a 65mm diameter, high resolution, 17 element, 15 group all glass lens to deliver 8K resolution on the screen. For excellent installation flexibility, a wide shift range of +/-80% vertical, +/-34% horizontal is offered.


Projection optics is more than just the lens. The new High Contrast Optical Block compliments JVC’s D-ILA technology and our legendary commitment to the best contrast, black level and brightness.



Frame Adapt HDR w/Theater Optimizer

The DLA-NZ8 is compatible with HDR10 content such as UHD Blu-ray and streaming. Color grading of HDR content can vary dramatically. Frame Adapt HDR dynamically tone maps all HDR10 content for optimized brightness, color and detail on a frame by frame or scene by scene basis. With Theater Optimizer, JVC has created the world’s first projector that automatically fine tunes HDR based on installation characteristics, and projector settings



HDR10+ Support allows a choice for two dynamic tone mappings

When it comes to reproducing the rich video information of HDR content including the extended brightness range, BT.2020 wide colour gamut and 10-bit gradation, rely on one of the new D-ILA projectors. New models support all HDR formats including HDR10 for Blu-ray and streaming, HLG for broadcasting, and the latest HDR10+ signal format with dynamic metadata compatibility.


JVC projectors are compatible with the two dynamic tone mappings of HDR10+ and Frame Adapt HDR. HDR10+ contains the metadata of the producer's intentions for each scene, Frame Adapt HDR instantly analyses the peak brightness in HDR10 content using an original algorithm. Ensuring you can watch any HDR content in optimal picture quality.






• 2,500 Lumen BLU-Escent Laser Phosphor Light Engine

• Pixel Perfect 8K e-shiftX (4-Way/Multi-Axis Shift) yields 8,192 x 4,320 projected image

• 65 mm all-glass lens with 2X Zoom and 80% vertical/34% horizontal shift

• High Contrast Optical Block

• Two 48Gbps HDMI/HDCP 2.3 inputs (8K/60P & 4K/120P)

• 80,000:1 Native Contrast, Infinite Dynamic Contrast

• Frame Adapt HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping w/ Theater Optimizer

• HDR10+

• Wide Color Gamut w/ Cinema Filter (Over 100% DCI P3)

• 0.69 inch Native 4K D-ILA (4096 x 2160) device  x 3

• Installation Mode with 10 memories, Anamorphic Scaling

• ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Licensed plus JVC Auto Calibration

• Clear Motion Drive w/Motion Enhance

• Multiple Pixel Control (MPC) - MPC works with 8K60P (4:4:4) signals

• Low Latency Mode improves picture, speeds operation, and reduces gaming/PC frame delays

• Control: Control4 SDDP / LAN / RS-232C / IR / 12V Screen Trigger Output / 3D Sync Output

JVC DLA-NZ8 8K e-shift Laser Projector




    Device 0.69-inch Native 4K D-ILA Device (4096 x 2160) x3
    e-shift 8K/e-shiftX
    Resolution 8192 x 4320
       Diameter 65 mm

    x2 Motorized Zoom & Focus,

    All-glass Lens

    Lens shift  
      Vertical/Horizontal (motorized, in 16:9 aspect ratio) 80% / 34%
    Light source Laser Diode
    Brightness 2,500 lm
    Contrast Ratio  
       Native 80,000:1


    DCI-P3 Color Gamut

       (Full coverage)

    Input terminal - HDMI 2 (48Gbps, HDCP2.3, no support for CEC)
    Input terminal - Trigger 1 (Mini Jack, DC12 V/100 mA)
    Output terminals (back panel)  
       RS-232C 1 (Dsub 9pin)
    Control terminals  
       LAN 1 (RJ-45)
    Service terminal 1 (USB Type A, for firmware update)



    Noise level 24dB (In Low Mode)
    Power requirements AC100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions: W x H x D, mm 500 x 234 x 505 (incl. feet)
    Dimensions: W x H x D, inches

    19-11/16 x 9-7/32 x 19-29/32

    (incl. feet)

    Weight, kg 23.1
    Weight, lbs 50.8




    Optional Equipment

    PK-AG3  RF 3D Glasses Battery-operated

    PK-EM2  RF 3D Synchro Emitter

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