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Cary Audio Design CAD 120S Stereo Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier (Black)


This innovative stereo power amplifier is rated at 60 watts per channel in triode mode and 120 watts per channel in ultra linear mode into an 8 ohm speaker load.  


Full rated output power is from 17 Hz to 23 kHz with less than 1% total harmonic distortion.  The output stage may be switched 'on the fly' from triode mode to ultra linear mode by using a front panel selector button.  There are LED lights above the mode selection button to show which mode the power amplifier is working in for visual confirmation.  Another nice feature is that the amplifier has an operating mode memory.  The CAD 120S will remember either the triode or ultra-linear mode selection when the amplifier is turned to the off position. 


The vacuum tubes in each channel consist of one (1) 6SN7 for the input gain, one (1) 6SN7 for the driver stage and four (4) KT 88 output power tubes.  The circuit is a balanced design with separate RCA and XLR inputs.  A soft start turn on circuit is built-in for long life and easy turn on in large systems.  The power supply features 1,120 micro farads of capacitance for ample reserves in demanding usages.  The output transformers and the power transformer have a single cover painted to match the chassis.  


The backlit front panel meters indicate the bias setting for each channel and visually indicate proper operation for the CAD 120S amplifier.

Cary Audio CAD 120S Stereo Power Amplifier

C$7,995.00 Regular Price
C$6,995.00Sale Price
  • Circuit Type Class AB, push-pull amplifier, Ultra linear or Triode mode operation with a front panel selector switch
    Power Output Ultralinear – 120 watts per channel
    Triode – 60 watts per channel
    Inputs XLR balanced or RCA single-ended
    Noise and Hum -80 dB
    Input Impedance 100K both RCA and Balanced
    Frequency Response 17 Hz – 25 KHz flat @ 1 watt
    Tubes 2 – 6SN7 input gain stage
    2 – 6SN7 driver tubes
    8 – KT 88 output tubes
    Power Transformer EI High voltage & bias supply EI laminate
    Output Transformer(s) Special bifilar wound 150 watt rating unit in each channel
    Resistors 1% precision metal film
    Capacitors Kimber Kaps
    Power Supply Capacitors 4 x 560 Micro farads 
    Speaker Posts Cary gold plated copper, 5-way binding
    AC Cord 3 Conductor Shielded, Detachable
    AC Power Requirements 117 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
    234 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
    Warm-Up Time 3 Minutes
    Break-In Time 100 hours of playing time
    Finish Anthracite black chassis with black aluminum faceplate
    Weight 65 lbs
    Dimensions 8″ H x 17 ” W x 14″ D
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